I don't design beautifully graphics, I design dreams.

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I'm a web & graphic designer/front-end developer based in London, United kingdom

I build beautiful and user friendly web sites!

"I don't design beautifully graphics, I design dreams."

About me

My name is Mario Duarte,
I am a very enthusiastic and passionate person towards my work.

I was born in Viseu, Portugal where I started the long journey of life studding art & design and freelancing graphic designs for local .

While in Portugal I have performed two art exhibitions of my oil paintings and other art works on our modest local library and council.

I have finished my studies in art & design in London, United Kingdom where I am currently living and working for OneTwoTrade as a Marketing Manager

Also working on a very enthusiastic project for Viriathus Digital on a new and revolutionary CMS, Viriathus CMS, this CMS was built to help business to create a strong and powerful presence on the web.

I am a very enthusiastic and passionate towards my work and always looking forward to the next big project.

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